Why Dogs are Good for Our Health

Imagine it- the big puppy eyes, the panting tongue, the wagging tail, and the soft fur behind the ears as you give them a loving scratch. Admit it, you’re already feeling a little better just thinking about petting a dog.

It’s pretty common knowledge that most people feel happy when in the presence of a dog. Turns out though, that’s not just a feeling, it’s hard science. Dogs have noticeable and measurable benefits on our health. From keeping us physically active to reducing our stress and blood pressure, man’s best friend is also man’s best live-in health provider.

Today on the Morning Thing we shared several of these benefits that were identified by the American Kennel Club. You can see the entire list and the studies behind it HERE.

Be sure to give your pooch a little extra love today to thank them for everything they do for you. And don’t forget to bring them to August First Friday for our Dog Costume Parade! You can find all the details about it HERE.

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