Take Your Independence Day Celebrations to the Next Level with These Cookout Recipes

Every holiday means more than it’s superficial parts and imagery. The real reason for Christmas is deeper than trees or toys, Thanksgiving is about more than a hearty meal, and Independence Day is more than fireworks, parades, and cookouts. However, the importance and deeper meaning of a holiday does not mean that we cannot still enjoy the more lighthearted aspects of that holiday as well. Independence Day is about celebrating our freedoms, remembering and honoring the sacrifices that earned them, and thanking God for providing us a free land in which to live, but we can do these things while spending quality times with our loved ones at fireworks shows, parades, and, of course, cook outs.

We encourage you to not only reflect on the deep meaning of Independence Day, but also invest and enjoy the fun celebrations as well. If you are planning a cookout or a party, check out the list of the best barbecue recipes we shared on The Morning Thing. You can find recipes for entrees, sides, dessert and more HERE. However you celebrate, we wish you a very Happy Independence Day!

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