Summer Saving Ideas and Ways to Save at the Pump!

You’re driving along on your morning commute, enjoying the beautiful scenery, when your eyes are drawn to a not-so-beautiful sight: the gas station price sign. All it takes is one glance for you to feel a physical pain in your gut. This is, unfortunately, a common experience that we are all having lately. With gas prices so high it has become more important than ever to find ways to save at the pump, even if it’s seemingly small amounts of change. Done consistently and intentionally that change adds up!

Today on the Morning Thing we shared advice for saving on gas from Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial planning expert. His great tips are simple, but do require some planning and effort to see them through in order to reap the most benefits. You can check out the list we shared on-air HERE, as well as some advice from Dave about how to use the money you save at the pump!

Of course there are other financial concerns and other ways to save, so we also took a look at some great ideas you can implement this summer. These simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact over the next couple months. You can find the entire list from The Balance HERE.

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