How Husbands Can Honor and Celebrate Their Wives This Mother’s Day

Wesley Boston here. This Mother’s Day is a special one for my family- it’s the first one where my wife is a mother! Naturally I almost forgot that I needed to do something for her. After all, my entire life I only ever had to worry about my mom on Mother’s Day! But my wife deserves to be honored this Sunday. Despite being a mom for only 4 months, she has given it her all and worked so hard to do her best. But that begs the question- what do I as a dad do for my wife on Mother’s Day?

It’s important to show our wives that we love them and appreciate all they do, not just for our kids but us as well! So guys, let’s make sure we do something that communicates that. Fortunately, the simple things can be powerful conveyors. All Pro Dad compiled lists of ideas, which we shared on the Morning Thing today. There’s something here for all dads, whether their kids are still in the house or not and regardless of their wives’ preferred love languages. Check out the lists HERE and HERE, and be sure to celebrate your wife this Sunday!

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