5 Ways Moms Can Feel More Successful Each Day

This morning we shared ways moms can get through each day feeling more successful. A huge thank you to IMOM for this wonderful article and picture. Here are the ways we shared…

  1. Explain what’s going to happen ahead of time.

Giving notice prepares children to transition to something new. It is like an elevator as you are approaching the right floor. If the elevator doors just randomly flew open you would not be ready, your verbal warnings help kids step in the next task.

2. Set healthy limits.

Everything in moderation. Going into an activity having a limit in mind will be better for you and your kids in the long run. When they know what that limit is they will give less resistance later.

3. Don’t give empty threats.

If you are wanting to improve your kids’ listening skills and their respect for your word make sure you follow through. Don’t tell them you are going to throw away the toy if they lie again if you know you could never do it. If they misbehave on the drive somewhere and you told them you will turn around if they do it again, make sure you do. Otherwise the kids will tune you out eventually.

4. Have household rules and consequences hung up.

Hang a household rules chart in your kitchen for everyone to see. You can keep the words to a minimum and use pictures so even the little ones can understand. You can decide as consequences as a family. Placing a big X over a picture of a tv makes things clear. If someone tests the rules all you have to do is point to the chart and say because you did x, you now are losing x.

5. Don’t work on credit.

Certain things like iPad time is not a right but a privilege and we can teach our kids how to earn them. Maybe it’s picking up toys and putting them in bins. Teaching your kids good behaving earns privileges is something there teachers will do once they begin school so why not start now?

Click HERE to see the full article.

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