Celebrating Thank You Thursday

Today is “Thank You Thursday.” Now, you might never have heard of this holiday before, but I am sure you will agree that it is worth celebrating. The whole point of the day is to not only be thankful, but to say thank you to the people who deserve to hear it. You can learn more about the day HERE.

In honor of Thank You Thursday, The Morning Thing shared a great list of people you can thank today. It’s an extensive list, featuring some that come readily to mind and others you may not have thought of. There are people on the list you may see every day and some you might not have seen in years. Check out the entire list HERE and jog your memory about some people who have touched your life in various ways.

And does “thank you” feel like it’s not enough to say? Lucky for you, The Morning Thing can help as well. We also shared different ways to say thank you to different people in your life, to help better express how you feel and let them feel appreciated. You can find them HERE.

However you say it and whomever you say it to, we encourage you to tell someone thank you today!

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