Get Connected With God Through a 21 Day Bible Reading Plan

As Christians, it is imperative that we spend time in God’s Word. It is our weapon against the enemy and God’s primary means of speaking with us. Despite the importance of reading the Bible regularly, it can be easy to forget to do so in the craziness of life. Even when we are intentionally trying to get back into the word it can be daunting to know where to start or what passages are most helpful in our current life stages. When we do read we might feel confused about how to apply what we have read.

Fortunately, the YouVersion Bible has compiled multiple reading challenges to help with all these concerns. These 21-day plans each have a unique theme with relevant Bible passages and reflections. There is something here for everyone, and 21 days is the perfect length- not too daunting, but long enough to help develop the habit of daily scripture reading.

You can find the complete list of reading plans HERE. And there’s no reason you can’t try more than one. Once your 21 days are up you can start a new one and get connected with God in another new way.

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