Happy Labor Day from The Morning Thing. Did you know that it is also Fight Procrastination Day?

Yes! Today is a day to remind us that it’s up to us to beat this monster of procastination, and only we can decide to get up and get done today what was supposed to be done.

www.daysoftheyear.com shares How to celebrate Fight Procrastination Day

You celebrate Procrastination day by getting ready to fight putting things off all day long. You can do this by starting with pre-commitment the night before, you set yourself an alarm, get rid of your distractions, set up your workspace, and be ready to hit the ground running when you get up. If you’re trying to make sure you’re ready for work, set your breakfast, coffee, and towels for the morning shower up the night before. Everything to streamline your way out the door and prevent you from dawdling.

We found a great blog that talks about How You Can Keep Yourself Motivated In This Busy World.

Click HERE to read the full article and gain some insight on staying motivated.

1. Make sure your morning goes well and the rest of the day will follow

2. Make To-Do lists the right way

3. Be conscious of who you choose to surround yourself with

4. Make a vision board

5. Celebrate small achievements

6. Get on some productivity apps

7. Sometimes it’s important to step out of your routine

8. Move and be conscious of what you’re eating

9. Create weekly block scheduling

10. Always run behind a goal in life

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