The Morning Thing Talks with the Cast and Crew of “The Sound of Music”

WNZR is always excited to connect you with the arts in Knox County. One of our long-time partners in this effort has been local theatre production company MTVArts. This summer, MTVArts is bringing the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic The Sound of Music to Mount Vernon. Based on the true story of the Van Trapp Family, The Sound of Music tells the story of a young governess who brings music and joy back to a broken family. It also contains some of Broadway’s most famous musical numbers, such as Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, and the titular song.

Alyssa Sidle of the Morning Thing had the opportunity to talk with many of the cast and crew members involved in this production. You can listen to these conversations and learn all about this incredible story HERE. For more information about show dates and times for The Sound of Music, as well as what else MTVArts is working on, check out their website.

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