The Morning Thing celebrates Bubble Wrap and more ways to relieve stress

Today (1/25/21) is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! This fun, stress-relieving toy was actually created by accident. Click HERE to read up on the history of bubble wrap and how it was finally used for preserving delicate items through shipping.
(picture from

We love to use bubble wrap to decrease our stress. Our advice is to keep some on hand for popping when you feel anxious or stressed.

We also shared some other great and simple ways to relieve stress:
Click HERE for the full article.
16 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety from

  1. Exercise
  2. Consider Supplements
  3. Light a candle
  4. Reduce your caffeine intake
  5. Write it down
  6. Chew Gum
  7. Spend time with friends and family
  8. Laugh
  9. Learn to say no
  10. Learn to avoid procrastination
  11. Take a yoga class
  12. Practice mindfulness
  13. Cuddle
  14. Listen to soothing music
  15. Deep breathing
  16. Spend time with your pet

The bottom line – Although stress and anxiety may arise in your workplace
and personal life, there are many simple ways to reduce the pressure you feel.
These tips often involve getting your mind away from the source of stress.
Exercise, mindfulness, music and physical intimacy can all work to relieve
anxiety — and they will improve your overall work-life balance as well.

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