5 Mother’s Day Ideas While In Quarantine

Even though we are in quarantine, we have to remember that Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY!

Here are some awesome ways to honor mom while being apart!

1. Honor Mom by Sharing Beautiful Things

Consider creating a “five senses basket.” The first addition could be something beautiful to behold. Lovely things that delight the eye do not need to be large or expensive—maybe a pretty antique teacup or a sparkling purse compact. Consider things she loves to do and give a gift that will bring her joy: a lovely jigsaw puzzle, a recipe book, a book by her favorite author, or new yarn for needle-crafting.

Or give her a pretty journal with the suggestion to use it as a gratitude journal, and on the flyleaf, tell her why you are grateful for her! Perhaps a beautifully-framed photo of yourself would make her smile since most mothers think their own children are the most beautiful creatures on earth! Or give a family photo.

2. Honor Mom with Words She’ll Love to Hear

Consider adding one of these to her Five Senses Basket:

1) Make a music playlist of songs she would like (her tastes, not yours).

2) Record a video from all the children…or from those she has mentored or taught as a spiritual mother.

3) Give her a tape with calming music, perhaps sounds of the sea to be played as she rests or dreams.

3. Honor Mom with Scents that Calm or Energize

Some moms are struggling with anxiety during the quarantine. Other moms are seemingly fearless and are ready to stay active now and move forward with purpose. What does your mother need most at this time—scents that will calm her stress or scents that will energize her?

Think about that as you consider ways to honor her because smelling is wired to the emotional area of the brain. Beyond the welcome beauty of flowers, creative options could be a bottle of her favorite perfume, essential oils, a scented bubble bath or shower gel, perfumed soap, sweet-smelling body lotion, scented Epsom salts, or an aromatic candle.

Scents often remind us of a good memory. For example, a cherry pie might evoke memories of the family cherry-picking together. A candle might cause Mom to recall a vacation, a special dinner, a cruise, or a tender conversation. Cinnamon essential oil might honor Sunday morning cinnamon rolls she prepared for the family. Chamomile might help her recall the chamomile tea shared at a tea house. No matter the scents you share, in any form, add a note about that memory.

4. Honor Mom with Tastes That Remind Her of Family

Food gifts are nearly always appreciated as expressions of love, especially in these difficult days. We can honor our mom by appealing to her sense of taste.

One way to do this is to make or order delivery for one of her favorite foods, or food that evokes sweet memories of childhood—maybe a special dish she made or regularly provided. Foods can remind her of family times together. Maybe a home-cooked meal might be dropped off at her doorstep during the lockdown, or a food delivery service can bring her some basics she might need.

Or add a measuring cup to the “Five Senses Basket.” Fill the cup with a special treat like nuts or chocolate, and attach a note saying, “The measure of a woman is …”—and complete that sentence with one way she deserves honor (her faith, character, kindness, love, etc.)

5. Honor Mom with Virtual Hugs and ‘Touches’ of Love

One of the sad realities of the pandemic lockdown is the separation families have felt, especially separation from elderly loved ones. During quarantine, the sense of touch is perhaps the most difficult of the five senses to use to honor our mom on Mother’s Day, but we can be creative!

By all means, hug her in person if you can. But there are ways to send virtual hugs and dispel some loneliness. The Internet is filled with family members who have stood outside windows at Mom’s house with signs or shared loving displays from the sidewalk.

Touch doesn’t require actual touching these days. Maybe a stuffed animal can be added to the “Five Senses Basket” to fill in for loved ones’ presence. Attach a note on a ribbon around the stuffed animal’s neck with the words: “Here’s a virtual hug for you!”

Reach out and touch her heart with family memories—a letter with notes from family members or a scrapbook of photos. Or set up a Zoom call with family members to honor her— including lavish “thrown” kisses and virtual hugs.

See the entire list here!

You can also check out our website for our Best Mom Ever contest, and win a care-package for your mom!


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