COVID-19 Can Be Stressful… Let’s Combat That!

In the 6am hour, Hunter and Rachel vented about things that COVID-19 has taken away from them, and have made them frustrated.

After releasing your frustrations, you can look to the 4 P’s that help us combat stress during this time of isolation. These tips come

  1. Perspective. Keeping perspective means that people must try to see things in proper relation to the bigger picture. While it’s accurate that the pandemic has created a sense of unpredictability, our reactions to what is happening are very much in our control and have the ultimate impact on how well we fare through this crisis.
  2. Purpose. Many children and teens are bored and don’t understand why they can’t just do what they want — after all, they don’t have the virus, right? Governor Baker said it best when he told the people of Massachusetts that their purpose is to do their part to contain this pandemic. Children and teens need to understand that maintaining the shelter in place is doing their part. You may feel powerless over the situation, and yet your purpose is to help contain the virus.
  3. Positive Thinking. Positive thinking has helped humans overcome so much adversity. Norman Vincent Peale described this phenomenon in 1952 in his well-known book, The Power of Positive Thinking. Since that time, numerous research studies have validated his hypothesis that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. Being successful while living through this pandemic will require positive thinking. On the flip side, chronic worry will increase cortisol and lower immune functioning making people more vulnerable to the virus and other problems.
  4. Productivity. Most of us have more time because we are at home all day, every day. Be productive by learning a new skill or hobby. You have the time and take advantage of it and become proficient in something meaningful to you.

See more tips and tricks here!

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