Showing Your Family Grace During Quarantine

During this time of isolation, we can start to get fed up with our families. So…how can we show the ones we love the most grace? Focus on the Family has us covered!

Let’s look at the word, GRACE.

  • G – Begin with gratitude. When I’m ready to react in anger, I stop and recognize that I’m grateful and blessed to have a husband, children and other loved ones who love and support me.
  • R – Resist the emotions. I make a choice to resist expressing negative emotions.
  • A – Adjust my thinking. I realize that whatever my loved one is doing that is annoying me is likely unintentional. Rather, it’s his or her way of communicating a need.
  • C – Communicate kindly. Sometimes it helps to start with a question. “What can I do for you?” “ How can I help?” Or, offer an honest response. “I know this is hard on all of us.”
  • E – Express genuine appreciation. This becomes the undeserved gift. You might be able to make a good argument for dishing out some criticism but when you turn that urge around and offer an encouraging word instead, most often that response calms the other person down.

To see the entire article, click here!

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