Creative Ways to Experience Easter during COVID-19

Thanks to, we found some great ways for you and your family to celebrate Easter this year, despite being inside because of COVID-19.

  1. Experience through Watching
    • Make it a movie night! Grab some popcorn, invite friends over and host a movie night in your living room or under the stars in your backyard. We’ve listed some movie options below. After the movie, spark conversation using some discussion questions included here.
    • » The Story of Jesus for Children
    • » The JESUS Film (available in more than 1,600 languages)
    • » Magdalena: Through Her Eyes
    • » Gospel-centered short films (Pick a few of your favorites. We recommend My Last Day, an animated short film about Jesus’ death from the perspective of the thief next to him, and Falling Plates, a four-minute gospel presentation)
  2.  Experience through Technology
    • The Easter Collection, “Anticipate the Resurrection”, is a series of quick videos that will help you share the Easter story and reflect on the life, death and love of a Savior. To access the collection, download the Jesus Film App for free here:
    • GodTools equips you to confidently talk with others about how they can begin and grow their relationship with God…even if you’ve never shared your faith before. Download the GodTools App for free here:
    • Use these phone wallpapers to start conversations with others about Easter and to remind yourself of the hope we have in Jesus’ death and resurrection
  3. Experience by Reading

Instead of going to church, experience it online! See the complete list here. 

Make sure to check our website,, for all the information about COVID-19, and how local organizations will be celebrating Easter despite this pandemic.

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