Simple Ways to Be Happier… And Tea!

Let’s face it, we all want to be happy. No matter what our individual goals and dreams are, each of us is trying our best to feel happy in this often crazy world. Some days that can be harder to accomplish than others. When you are in the middle of a slump or are having a rough day it can often be difficult to find ways to cheer yourself up and focus on the positives. That’s why today on the Morning Thing we shared a list of 20 simple ideas that can help you focus on the positives and end your day feeling a little better than when it started.

These suggestions come from Whatever your personality type or personal preferences, there is something in this list for everyone. You can even combine the suggestions together to accomplish more at once. Or maybe you can use this as a challenge to find simple ways to get closer to God, by using these ideas as a springboard for connecting with him in times of reflection or prayer.

And happiness wasn’t the only thing we talked about today on the show. We also chatted with Vicki Eley and Ashley Smith of Psi Iota Xi. These lovely ladies told us all about their annual Tea. You can hear the conversation and learn all of the details about “An Enchanted Woodland Tea” HERE. You can also check out their Facebook page for more info about the event and Psi Iota Xi.

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