The Morning Thing Friday Favorites: It’s Guinness World Record Day!

World Records are incredible things. They can be for incredibly serious feats of human ingenuity and brilliance, like the tallest structure on land (the Burj Khalifa in Dubai). They can be for absolutely bizarre categories that make one wonder who thought of finding it out, like the most M&Ms eaten in a minute with chopsticks (20). Or they can be for something so gross you wish you hadn’t found it out, like the longest fingernails on a single hand ever (358.1 inches). Yeah, you read that correctly.

Regardless of how ridiculous some categories seem, it is always amazing to see what human beings are capable of when they really put their minds to something, regardless of how silly the category. So in honor of today being Guinness World Record Day, the Morning Thing wants to share their favorite world records with you.

Marcy: Oldest Salsa Dancer

Hunter: Highest Basketball Shot

Lexie: Longest Handshake

How about you? Does this special day make you want to look up some crazy feats of humanity to see what your favorite is? Or maybe are you feeling inspired to go earn your place in history by claiming a World Record?

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