The Morning Thing celebrates Clergy Appreciation Day! (a little early)

Sunday, 10/13 is Clergy Appreciation Day. 

October is National Clergy Appreciation Month, a time set aside to recognize the contributions and service of pastors, priests, reverends, ministers, and all other clergy members. Within Clergy Appreciation Month is Pastor Appreciation Day.
Clergy Appreciation Day falls on the second Sunday in October and is a day when the faithful come together nationally to pay tribute to our pastors and their staff.
The Morning Thing shared 25 ways that you can honor your pastor this weekend and throughout the month.
Click HERE for the full list from
Here are 10 of our favorite ideas!
  1. Give your pastor and his family a weekend getaway. Give them a break on somebody else’s nickel – and make sure that time is not counted as vacation!
  2. Do some tasks for him and his family. Rake the leaves. Cut the grass. Wash the cars. Paint a room. Power wash the deck or the house. Do something that helps him.
  3. Give him an Amazon tree. The “tree” might be only a big twig or an artificial plant, but the leaves are Amazon gift cards.
  4. If you’ve been sitting a while in church, start serving. I assure you he’ll appreciate every believer who gets more committed to God and His work.
  5. Offer five nights of childcare over the rest of the month. Give your pastor and spouse the opportunity to have several date nights this month.
  6. Help him participate in his hobby.  If his hobby is golf, give him several rounds of golf. If it’s reading, give him Amazon cards. Give him something you know he’ll enjoy.
  7. Give him time and funds to attend a conference he wants to attend. Even if he already receives a conference benefit, increase it for this year.
  8. Have the church’s children write him notes. Few things melt a pastor’s heart like the simple, honest words of children.
  9. Commit to praying for him daily—and then be sure to do it. Let him know you’re doing it, too. He’ll be grateful.
  10. Ask him, “What can I do to most help you?” You might be surprised by his answer. He might have immediate needs.

For our Friday Favorites, The Morning Thing celebrates Clergy Appreciation Day and Month. We take time to honor our favorite Pastors.


Hunter honors Paul Snoddy from Tru-Village Christian Church in Pataskala.

Lexie Merritt
Lexie honors Mary Horzempa from St. Thomas Aquinis in West Virginia.

Marcy honors her late grandfather, Lowell B. Miller.

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