WNZR is excited for the Ohio State Fair!

Few things capture the essence of summer as well as a fair, and there is no fair in Ohio quite like the State Fair. It’s already been underway for almost a week and there’s still several days left to enjoy. In fact, the Big Blue Crew is On the Road today in Columbus to be a part of this awesome event.

There will always be the fair classics to enjoy- everything from Butter Cows to Funnel Cakes, but the Ohio State Fair is bringing several new features to the fairgrounds this year. Today on the Morning Thing Marcy and Hunter shared some of these new special items to keep an eye out for when you head to the State Fair this year.

New Food:
There are countless food vendors at the State Fair, but new this year are specialties including (but by no means limited to) Apple Fries, Buckeye Funnel Cake, Chocolate Candy Bar Shish Kebab, Deep Fried Mini Gummy Burgers, Flaming Hot Cheeto Corn Dogs, Puckering Pickle Popsicles, Pulled Pork and Chicken Sundaes, Sriracha Peanut Butter Crunch Donuts, and even Cucumber Lemonade.

New Rides:
What is a fair without rides? This year’s State Fair includes several new rides. The new Fast Trax slide has 55 steps to the top and is 200 feet long. The brand new, brightly colored 108-foot high Ferris wheel offers a relaxing ride with a great view. Another great view is at the new Mega Drop Tower- briefly that is, because the bird’s eye view is followed by a 120 foot drop.

These are just a few of the new foods and new rides at the fair. You’ll have to go to Columbus and experience it all yourself! The fair is going on right now until August 4th. For more information, visit OhioStateFair.com.

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