Sightseeing with Sutyak: Jr. Fair Sale Day


Hunter Sutyak

Hunter Sutyak continued his journey of experiencing his first Knox County Fair. He learned A LOT today, because the focus of today was on the Jr. Fair Sales at the Knox County Fair! The Morning thing crew had the opportunity to talk to multiple people involved with different aspects of Sale Day.

Rachel and the opportunity to talk with Shelby Erlandson, a 4-H veteran, about how the sales work for small animals. You can catch that conversation HERE.

Bruce Gregg

Hunter and Marcy then talked to Bruce Gregg about how the sale day works. Click HERE for that conversation.

Rachel also got talk to Alice Uhlrey about being a Grand Champion at the Knox County Fair. That conversation is available HERE.

Keep following along with the Morning Thing for more Sightseeing with Sutyak updates from the Knox County Fair!

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