How to Fight Summer Boredom

“I’m bored!”

How many times have you heard your kids say that? Or maybe you’re the one struggling to find something to do on a summer night when you don’t want to watch anymore Netflix. Fear not! The Morning Thing has got you covered. We found 50 ways to fight summer boredom from After all, July is Anti-Boredom month.

The list is written for parents to help them entertain their kids, but there are plenty of items on it that adults can use for inspiration. After all, we can all stand to read another good book or learn a new skill like Computer Programming. And just maybe the child inside of us would enjoy getting artsy with some sidewalk chalk again…

You can check out the full list HERE. Bonus points if you can combine options!

Whether you use this list or not, we want to encourage you to make every effort to make this summer a memorable one, regardless of your age. Life is too short to keep clicking “next episode” every night. Use that God-given creativity and have some fun!

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