Beauty Tips and Tricks: from Skincare to Makeup!

The Morning Thing’s own Rachel Rinehart is super passionate about skincare and makeup, it’s something she loves! So, this morning on the show, she shared with us some tips and tricks to make your skincare routine better, and to make your makeup flawless!

Let’s start with skincare:

  1. Know your skin type: oily, sensitive, dry,  or combination? Take this quiz to find out! This will help you find skincare products specially made for YOUR skin type! Click HERE  for the quiz!
  2. Know the ingredients in your skincare! Stay away from these chemicals in your skincare, they can be harmful and cause your skin to breakout! Click HERE to see a list, look at #5.
  3. Don’t waste your money! You can find some really great skincare brands that won’t break the bank, and have the same ingredients as the most luxury skincare on the market. Here are some of my favorite drugstore brands that have never failed me! Click the links to check out their products: Soap and Glory, Fourth Ray Beauty, Pixi, and Neutrogena.
  4. Skincare is not just for women! Men, make sure you are using sunscreen in these summer months, and don’t forget to moisturize! Your skin will thank you! Check out for some suggestions!

So, let’s move on to makeup!

  1. Want your makeup to last all day? Make sure that you are setting your foundation with setting powder! Especially in the summer months, makeup can start to melt off your face. By setting your makeup, you are forcing that foundation to stay in place!
  2. Figure out what your essentials are for your makeup routine. For Rachel, she has to have mascara, concealer, and moisturizer. If your skin isn’t feeling the greatest, or you need to give your skin a break, do some minimal makeup days. It’s great for your skin, and takes you less time to get ready in the morning!
  3. Clean your makeup brushes! Bacteria can live on those brushes if you don’t clean them regularly. Rachel tries to wash her brushes every Sunday, it’s become a routine for her. When you wash your makeup brushes, your makeup will apply better as well!
  4. TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF BEFORE BED! This is the #1 rule when it comes to skincare and makeup care! If you don’t wash your face before bed, you can risk getting acne, clogging pores, and making your skin not feel great. Wash that face!

Here are some of Rachel’s favorite makeup brands that won’t break the bank: Maybelline, Colourpop, Ofra, Elf, and Wet n Wild.

If you can’t tell, Rachel’s super passionate about this stuff. We hope you use some of these tips to your advantage!


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