The Morning Thing is hosting Mom’s Week. We have some tips on how to copy with stress, plus some fun ways to celebrate the special day on Sunday.

Mom – are you feeling any stress? 🙂 We know that parenting is difficult. So, we shared 5 Smart Ways to Cope With Parenting Stress.

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The problem: You can’t control things. The Tool: Flexibility

The problem: You feel like you’re failing. The Tool: A Mom Friend

The problem: You are ready to explode. The Tool: Your Go-To Calming Mechanism

The problem: You can’t juggle one more thing. The Tool: Perspective

The problem: Your kid screws up. The Tool: Appropriate Consequences

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Maybe getting the perfect gift is causing you some stress for this Mother’s Day. No problem. We found a list of 15 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day even in the midst of a pandemic.
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10 wonderful Mother’s Day activity ideas during coronavirus

1. Share a lovely meal

2. Say hello from a distance

3. Enjoy nature together

4. Attend a virtual concert or show

5. Tour a museum, virtually

6. Relax with casual activities

7. Watch their favorite sports together

8. Bake or cook together

9. Relax with music

10. Read a book together

5 thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas

1. Send a heartfelt card or letter

2. Send flowers

3. Gift a device that makes video calling easy

4. Give gift cards for favorite services

5. Create a custom photo album, calendar, blanket, or puzzle

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