English Slang the Kids are Using

Today we gave you some insight into this generations minds with some slang that you might wanna learn for 2022. Maybe you won’t use it but now you know what it means! Here are some of our favorites…

  • Rent Free – This is most often used when you can’t get something out of your brain – whether it’s a song, video, experience or person. They’re stuck in there and they’re not even paying rent for the space they’re occupying.
  • Vibe Check – This describes when you check in on someone’s vibe and assess what it’s giving. Good vibes? You’ve passed the vibe check.
  • Main Character – When you call someone the main character, they’re basically the core person in a situation. 

Thank you to Education First for this amazing article. Click HERE to read more.

Understanding Your Teen: The MT’s Guide to Slang

Have you ever wondered what in the world some of the words that your teens use mean?! Well today, we’re trying to help you!

Here are some of the words we decoded on the show:

  • Ship: Used as a verb, meaning you want 2 people to be in a relationship. Especially popular with fictional characters
  • TBH: An abbreviation of “to be honest”, can be used in everyday conversation when someone is giving their honest opinion about something. Someone could say “TBH, I don’t really like watching the Olympics”
  • Lowkey: A synonym for “kind of”, “slightly”, or “a little bit”. The opposite would be highkey, meaning “very” or “a lot”
  • Woke: Used in the phrase “stay woke”, which means to “stay alert” or “be ready”
  • Salty: When someone is upset or bitter about something
  • OTP: An abbreviation for “One True Pair”; two people who you think are meant to be together.
  • Basic: Ordinary or plain, can also mean like everyone else
  • Gucci: Means cool or good
  • Peep: To look at or listen to something, such as “You should peep this new song”
  • GOAT: An acronym for “Greatest Of All Time”, usually used to refer to a person
  • Slay: When someone succeeds at something amazing, or if they “killed it” at something. For example, you could say “Katie Ledecky slayed in the Olympics 400 meter swim”
  • Fangirl: Can be used to describe someone who is a really big fan of something. Can also be used as a verb when someone gets excited about whatever they are a fan of, such as “I’m fangirling over the new trailer for that movie”
  • Lit: When something is amazing or exciting

Hopefully that helps you understand your teens and their confusing language a little better! Be sure to let us know if there are any other terms we left out that your teens use!

Have a great week!

-Jess and Marcy


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