Simplify your life with seven simple shortcuts

Life can be hectic, and doing chores isn’t always fun. What if I told you there were some ways you could make those boring household tasks more entertaining and go a little faster? It’s true! We found some helpful shortcuts from that you can do today! You can even get your kids involved and do chores as a family.

You can make a meal prep assembly line, create chore zones around the house for some quick cleaning, make a laundry pile that will make you smile, create a family calendar of events, cooking during your kid’s naptime, shopping online, and cleaning your car every time you’re in it.

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Don’t take it so personally – 6 helpful hints to handle criticism

We get it, listening to negative criticism about yourself can be really hard to hear. What if we told you there was a way to lessen that stress and hurt? We have 6 tips from the Positivity Blog to help! These hints include breathing, getting clarification from the other person, realizing that not everything is about you personally, talking it out, thinking about what valid criticism the other person was giving and work on that, and improve your self esteem. These things may be easier said than done, but they will make your life so much easier as you put them into practice.

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Doing the hard things is good for us.

On Tuesday’s show, we talked about why we should do the hard thing.
Many people often take the easy way out, but taking short cuts in life often give us a life that is less than fulfilling. We discussed a new idea – doing the hard things in life. 

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1. You Will Grow As A Person

2. You Will Become A Better Person

3. You Will Stand Out

4. You Will Be Healthier

5. You Will Become Smarter

6. You Will Be More Productive

7. You Will Be Valued

8. You Will Be Happier

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Organize Your Home Day: Ways For You To Tidy Up!


Today is Organize Your Home Day! Marcy and Lexie share ways to get your home organized a little bit before spring cleaning comes. Having an organized home can help with your mood, after all! Want to learn more about how this day came to be and how you can celebrate? Check out the article HERE.

The co-hosts also share life hacks to help you organize what you do have! If you want some extra help to celebrate the day, take some time to use these awesome tips and tricks. These small snippets of advice can help you and your whole family get organized. Find the whole list of life hacks HERE.


Packing Hacks

Planning a vacation or trip soon? Check out these packing hacks we shared on the show today.

packing-tips_1200x675Click here for a short video showing some packing hacks.

If you click here, you’ll find a list of some other packing tips we shared.

And we also have a bonus link with even more tips and tricks that you can find here.

Even if you just use a couple of these hacks, your trip is guaranteed to go smoother!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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