It is Pay A Compliment Day. How will you celebrate?

Today, The Morning Thing shared the good news that today, 2/6/23 is Pay A Compliment Day.

This day was started in 1995 by a lady named, Adrienne Koopersmith. She was riding a bus in Chicago and saw the drive be kind to someone who was cold and wanted to get on the bus. This person wasn’t at a bus stop, but the driver stopped anyway. Adrienne wanted to compliment him for this act of kindness. She realized that sharing a compliment for him actually made her day better.

Read about the history of this special day HERE.

We shared 5 reasons why you should give compliments. It is GOOD for YOU!
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1. Giving compliments increases your happiness.

2. Giving compliments makes you grateful.

3. Giving compliments strengthens your interpersonal relationships.

4. Giving compliments increases your stress resilience and physical health. 

5. Giving compliments creates a ripple of positivity. 

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