WNZR shines the spotlight on Fostering Family Ministries

The Morning Thing is focusing on local ministries this week.
WNZR’s Marcy Rinehart talked with two representatives from a NEW ministry – Fostering Family Ministries.

Sherry Bouquet, Executive Director of Fostering Family Ministries shared the story of how God led her to start this ministry. She talks about their mission, how churches can get involved and her goals for 2021. Sherry also shared some eye-opening stats about the foster care crisis happening in Knox County.
Click HERE to hear their conversation.

McKenzie Doup, Regional Coordinator of Fostering Family Ministries shared how God opened the door for her to serve the ministry. She shares how this ministry helps families take the steps to become foster parents. She also talks about the role a church can take on as a support team for foster families.
Click HERE to hear their conversation.

For more details on how to get involved, follow the Fostering Family Ministries online:

Website – https://www.fosteringfamilyministries.org/

Facebook Page –  https://www.facebook.com/fosteringfamily

Fostering Family Ministries is hosting a special event for your church to get involved with foster care ministry.

Find out more at  – https://www.fosteringfamilyministries.org/calendar/2021/02/22/church-champion-clinic-launch-and-lead-a-foster-care-ministry


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