The Morning Thing focuses on Fatherhood all this week.

Today (6/15), we shared the 6 Phases of Fatherhood and 5 typical Dad Fails.

Fatherhood is full of joys, sorrows, growth and love. is a great resource to help you navigate through every step and challenge of being a Dad.

The 6 Phases of Fatherhood shares some encouragement for Dads at every stage in the journey.

Click HERE to read the full article.

1. Expectant Dad

2. Sleepy Dad

3. Playful Dad

4. Stretched Dad

5. Sacrificial Dad

6. Wise Dad also shares a list of typical Dad Fails and how to avoid them.

Click HERE to read the full article.

1. Reacting Instead of Responding

2. Not Encouraging Your Kids Beyond Performance

3. Not Blessing Your Kids With Our Attention

4. Not Sticking Up For Your Wife

5. Not Living Out Your Faith

The Morning Thing Friday Favorites – Rachel and Marcy talk about Dads

For The Morning Thing Friday Favorites, Rachel and Marcy Rinehart talked about Dads. They took time to honor Joe Rinehart, Bill Rinehart and Harry Street for Father’s Day.

Click HERE to hear why these 3 men are their FAVORITES on this Friday before Father’s Day.

Cheat Sheet for Dad?

Everyone probably has used some sort of cheat sheet or life hack in there life. They just make life a little bit easier and are usually very effective.

Well what if a cheat sheet was created for parenting that made raising kids easier…Well a list was created for dads! Hunter went over these tips on the show. With father’s day right around the corner, dad’s can steal these tips.

If you missed any of these tips click HERE to check out the cheat sheet.

Honoring Dads

On The Morning Thing today we honored dads. Fathers day is just around the corner and we wanted to make sure you have plenty of ideas for this Sunday.

We started of by talking about 5 unique ways to honor dads this Fathers day. If you missed any of those ways click HERE.

Then we talked about a list of things that might be on a father and daughter bucket list and you can find that whole list HERE

We also gave several ways for fathers to connect with their sons and that can be found HERE

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