Bonding as a Family This Thanksgiving

Almost every holiday involves spending time with family in some capacity, but for Thanksgiving it is all the more in focus. The holiday revolves around everyone coming together to share a meal and, well, give thanks. However, despite Thanksgiving gatherings often being large affairs, it is surprisingly easy to unintentionally avoid spending any real time with most of the people in attendance. It is habitual for many of us to split along generational lines and hang out only with the people that are closest to us in age and interest. Even then the conversation may stay surface level and no real bonding occur.

This Thanksgiving, we want to encourage you to connect with as many family members and friends as you can. Enjoy the time with them, it is a blessing from God! To help you, we are sharing suggestions from Crosswalk to help you engage in bonding regularly with your family to make it easier to do so on the Big Day, as well as ideas for those out of the ordinary gatherings like Thanksgiving. You can check out the entire list HERE.

However you are celebrating Thanksgiving, the hosts of the Morning Thing hope it is a blessed time for you and your family!

Spring Break: How Are You Going To Relax?

The Morning Thing got to share some awesome ways to spend time with family. Just in time for spring break!

Hunter & Lexie love the ideas from their source, check out the article they read from HERE.

They also mentioned camping! Both Hunter & Lexie are both enthusiastic about camping and think it would be a great bonding experience for spring break coming up!


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Its LOVE WEEK on The Morning Thing! We Bring Back The Five Love Languages!

The morning is celebrating Love Week by talking about The Five Love Languages! Marcy & Lexie share about the five love languages, what they are, and what they mean for your romantic and platonic love. wanna take the quiz? find it HERE

Focus on The Family also has a great article on The Five Love Languages that The Morning Thing was able to use as a resource. If you want to check it out, click HERE

The Morning Thing also used as a resource to talk about how using The Five Love Languages with your children! check out the article HERE

Its Fruit of The Spirit Week on The Morning Thing, We Choose Joy!

This week, The Morning Thing is exploring Galatians, along with other scriptures and verses that portray and mention the Fruit of the Spirit. Today’s fruit? Joy!

Dig in deeper with us! We will be sharing the fruit of the spirit all week, so make sure to join us every morning!

Check out these articles about JOY!

Make Your Morning Sunny Side Up With These Egg Recipes!

The Morning Thing got hungry this morning sharing an abundance of delicious egg recipes. Marcy & Lexie got the chance to enjoy sharing these tasty treats and reminiscing on foods they ate from years ago! Find a recipe to remember for generations HERE

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: How Will YOU Celebrate?


The Law Day

Marcy and Lexie got a chance to talk about Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. They got the chance to find out what exactly it is and what inspired it on you can read the entire entry HERE

They also were able to listen to a story about a listener’s two nephews who are in law enforcement. The listener talked about how one nephew went into a burning home to save two young children, and got them out safely. The other nephew helped people during a flooding situation and saved many lives. We all say THANK YOU to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day for citizens!

Police Chaplaim MV.png

Lexie and Marcy also talked a little about the Mount Vernon Association of Police Chaplains. This organization helps simply to “Serve those who serve us”. To learn more about the Mount Vernon Association of Police Chaplains, click HERE

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus coming to Sonfest

On The Morning Thing we talked with Ronnie Winter lead singer of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. He and his band are coming to Sonfest 2019 to share their talents with us.

If you missed any of the conversation this morning click HERE.

We have been talking about Sonfest all week this week for more information about bands and ticket prices click HERE.

Honoring Dads

On The Morning Thing today we honored dads. Fathers day is just around the corner and we wanted to make sure you have plenty of ideas for this Sunday.

We started of by talking about 5 unique ways to honor dads this Fathers day. If you missed any of those ways click HERE.

Then we talked about a list of things that might be on a father and daughter bucket list and you can find that whole list HERE

We also gave several ways for fathers to connect with their sons and that can be found HERE

The Morning Thing Fave 5 celebrates World Compliment Day!

The Morning Thing is celebrating World Compliment Day today (3/1/19)!

For The Morning Thing Fave 5, we shared compliments on some of our favorite people.

Daria Swisher compliments her Mom

Trevor Moore compliments his Mom

Wesley Boston compliments his former Roommate

 Marcy Rinehart compliments her Husband

Hunter Sutyak compliments his Parents

5 things you should do for your family every day.


Families are important. The Morning Thing strives to bring you great tips on how to strengthen your family.
Check out this article from

Click HERE to see 5 things that you should do TODAY for your family.

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