It’s Dessert Day! What sweat treat will you have today?

We have GREAT news! Today is Dessert Day! A day to celebrate all things that are sweet and juicy or tart and sour. It’s your choice! You can indulge dessert with a range of chocolates, candy, or pastries, cakes, and cupcakes, and what about tarts and pies? Preparing them can make the wait for them all the sweeter, or you can grab a pudding or two on the go just to make the day that much brighter. Dessert Day is your excuse to indulge in your favorite treats.

(From The origin of the word dessert comes from the French “desservir,” a word which means “to clear the table.” This, of course, referenced the dish that came after the clearing of the main dishes served as part of the meal. The earliest references to the term dessert being used are in the 1600’s and arrived at the same time as the concept of serving a meal in courses, letting each part of the meal be its own experience.

Click HERE to find out more about the History of Dessert Day.

Today on the show, The Morning Thing shared some super easy dessert recipes from
Click HERE for 80 different EASY recipes!
These desserts look like a professional made them, but are actually so easy to put together. From cakes to brownies to macarons, add these to your baking to-do list ASAP.

Here are the recipes that we shared this morning.

Fried Ice Cream

Oreo Truffles

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Swiss Roll Cake

Brownie Lasagna

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