An MVNU graduate returns to Mount Vernon to share her new book with the community

WNZR’s Alyssa Sidle talked with MVNU graduate and author, Courtney Turcotte Bond.
Courtney shared memories from her time at MVNU and how she is juggling multiple roles. She is a wife, mother, teacher, author and small business owner.
They discussed her new book Breathtaking and the inspirational story that inspired the book.

Click HERE to hear their conversation.

Courtney will be at Paragraph’s Bookstore, 229 S. Main St. in Mount Vernon on Friday, June 4 from 5pm – 8pm to do a book signing for her novel Breathtaking.

About Courtney Turcotte Bond
Courtney Turcotte Bond proudly grew up in both Lawrence, Kansas and Dayton, Ohio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Language Arts Education, a master’s degree in Education, and has been a high school English teacher since 2004. In addition to being a published author, she’s also a small business owner, freelance writer, poet, blogger, and public speaker. She resides in northeast Kansas with her husband and two kids.

Breathtaking SYNOPSIS
To the outside world, Cara’s life seems perfect. The only one who knows the dark secrets inside her home is her best friend and next-door neighbor, Adam. Cara’s only escape is by writing and sharing her stories with him through their facing bedroom windows late at night. Just when everything seems to get better, Cara’s world shatters, causing her to spiral into a deep depression and writer’s block. Even though Adam promises her “everything will be okay,” she knows things will never be the same. As she clutches to the fractured wounds of the past, how will Cara ever be able to love or write again?

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